ID investor: 101599


Размер инвестиции:
География покрытия:
Whole world
Стадии финансируемого проекта:
Idea, Pre Product, 
Scale up
Инвестиции в стартапы:
Security (cyber, private and homeland), 
Healthcare & Medicine, 
Internet & Networks, 
Computer & Networks, 
Software (IoT, AI, VR, apps), 
Retail (e-retail, market places, e-commerce), 
Тип инвестора:
Investment Fund

Project Description

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Gaingels seeks top investment returns by co-investing with the best venture capital firms and seeks to influence social change through business by investing in the best companies with LGBT+ leadership

Gaingels also selectively invests in category-leading growth-stage companies where we can help add C-suite LGBT+ talent.

The Gaingels network combines the most accomplished founders and investors committed to supporting the portfolio.  

Through the power of our network, founders are connected to a valuable, global network of LGBT/Ally investors, gaining access to capital, investors’ business acumen and contacts.  In addition, as an affinity network, we care more, offer assistance, mentor and make introductions to propel these companies for further growth and M&A opportunities

Investors can insure their time and capital furthers the community while seeking to make profitable investments with above market returns.

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