ID investor: 101629


Размер инвестиции:
География покрытия:
Стадии финансируемого проекта:
Инвестиции в стартапы:
Security (cyber, private and homeland), 
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, 
Data & Cloud, 
Internet & Networks, 
Computer & Networks, 
Software (IoT, AI, VR, apps), 
Retail (e-retail, market places, e-commerce), 
Mass media, 
Transportation & Logistics
Тип инвестора:
Investment Fund

Project Description

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Signia Venture Partners is an early stage fund dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs realize their vision and build impactful, high-growth ventures. We invest between $500k and $3m for an initial investment across a wide range of technology businesses, including within marketplaces, ecommerce, gaming, consumer mobile, virtual reality, enterprise technology, big data, and security.

We believe in quality over quantity so we only make 6-8 investments a year across our entire fund. This means we can focus on the success of the companies in our portfolio and give the 1-1 attention they deserve.

We typically invest $1- $2 million with a few exceptions to invest higher or lower amounts depending on the deal. Our firm actively follows on and are long term capital partners to our portfolio.

We invest in great entrepreneurs that are applying new technologies and innovative business models to old industries. We have invested in everything from autonomous vehicle tech and drone defense systems to personalized wedding-dress brands and mobile gaming.

We invest as a team, meaning when you get one of us, you get all of us. The small number of investments we do and the larger check sizes is not typical of most early-stage funds. We are transparent and direct with out portfolio companies and measure our success partly by how much our entrepreneurs call us vs. how much we call them.

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