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Software (IoT, AI, VR, apps)
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Investment Fund

Project Description

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1517 Fund is a well known and established VC, which was founded in 2015. The fund is located in United States, North America. The the headquarters of this VC is in San Francisco.

The country of its foundation and the country of its most frequent investments coincides - United States. Besides this, the fund also invested in 1 other country. Among the most popular portfolio start-ups of the fund, are Luminar, Aura Health, Revlo. The fund has a preferred number of founders for start-ups that it invests in. If there are 5+ founders in the start-up, the probability of getting the investment is low. Among their most successful investment fields, we have identified Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence. Also, because of its portfolio diversification tendency, we can highlight 12 more industries for this fund. The average start-up age at the time of investment by this fund is 2-3.

The average start-up valuation at the time of investment from 1517 Fund is 1-5 millions dollars. In 2016, the fund's activity was at its peak. The fund typically enters into 2-6 deals annually.The highest number of exits from this fund were in 2018. The fund performance shows that this VC achieves 17 percentage points less exits in comparison to other VCs. 1517 Fund participates, on average, in 26 percentage points less than the average amount of lead investments in other funds.

The fund usually invests in rounds together with 6-7 others. Besides 1517 Fund, start-ups are typically funded by Techstars, Social Starts, Rough Draft Ventures and 3 more VCs. The most common co-investors for the fund are Techstars, Social Starts, Invariantes Fund and also 14 different VCs. In subsequent rounds, the fund is usually joined by Social Starts, Invariantes Fund, WME Ventures, as well as 14 other investors.

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