When you decide to search for grant funding, it is very important to properly assess your capabilities, determine the objectives of the project implementation and choose the open grant call, which suits your project. Sometimes the selection of the right grant call can take a lot of time, as it is important to carefully analyze Donors’ requirements and your project compliance with them. We will be glad to optimize this process for you and help you to choose one or even several suitable grant calls, considering the capabilities of your project.


It is not easy to choose the most appropriate grant. But it is even more difficult to prepare the proposal for the grant. Each grant has its unique requirements for the package of documents, which have to be submitted. Besides, different Donors have their own specific rules or procedures. We will be glad to consult you on any issues and we can even provide you with the full package of services on grant proposal preparation. Our team includes professionals who have experience in the preparation of hundreds of similar requests and we will be glad to share our knowledge and skills with you.


Sometimes the grant can contain a requirement for the company being registered in a certain country. Such a requirement can be easily satisfied by the creation of a consortium with partners from the required national jurisdiction. Our team includes professionals in corporate law with experience on legal entity incorporation in the USA and the EU. We will be glad to help you with finding partners for the consortium in the required country and to assist you in joint preparation of the grant proposal.


If you have any questions about finding the grants, or preparing the grant proposals or finding partners to create a grant consortium, please contact us through the form below and we will get back to you with more details.


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