ID інвестора: 103448


Размер инвестиции:
География покрытия:
Стадии финансируемого проекта:
Ідея, попередній продукт, 
Прототип продукту (MVP), 
Запуск і реалізація продукту
Инвестиции в стартапы:
Дані та хмарне програмування, 
Інтернет та мережі, 
Компьютерні технології та Мережі, 
Спорт та туризм
Тип инвестора:
Інвестиційний фонд

Опис проекту

Пам'ятайте, що автоматичний переклад може бути неточний.

American Tower is the famous Corporate Investor, which was founded in 1995. The leading representative office of defined Corporate Investor is situated in the Boston. The fund was located in North America if to be more exact in United States.

The typical case for the fund is to invest in rounds with 3-4 participants. Despite the American Tower, startups are often financed by Allied Minds, Woodford Investment Management, GIC. The meaningful sponsors for the fund in investment in the same round are GIC, SBA Communications, Pennant Equity Partners. In the next rounds fund is usually obtained by SBA Communications, Pennant Equity Partners, GIC.

Among the various public portfolio startups of the fund, we may underline Federated Wireless For fund there is a match between the location of its establishment and the land of its numerous investments - United States. Besides, a startup requires to be at the age of 6-10 years to receive the investment from the fund. We can highlight the next thriving fund investment areas, such as Social Media, Information Technology.

The common things for fund are deals in the range of 10 - 50 millions dollars. The real fund results show that this Corporate Investor is 13 percentage points more often commits exit comparing to other companies. The top activity for fund was in 2017. The fund is generally included in less than 2 deals every year.

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